Retail Partnership

ARTDECO is the market leader in Germany’s selective market. The brand sells its products successfully in more than 40 countries including Bulgaria. By choosing to offer ARTDECO in your beauty shop or beauty salon you will present your clients with the opportunity to use a wide range of high class selective cosmetics. ARTDECO products are constantly sought after by customers. These high quality products help you lay the foundations of loyalty with the clients, leading to multiple repetitive purchases.

NARDIS Ltd. is the official ARTDECO representative for the territory of Bulgaria. Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to meet and discuss opportunities for future partnership. We will be glad to present our product range and distribution system to you.

Displays and promotional materials

NARDIS Ltd. offers to all partners and contributors a variety of displays and promotional materials. Displays include a desktop stand, a console stand and a wall-type stand. Our special module system allows to construct a convenient display, tailored to the specific characteristics of your place .

Additional opportunities

We often organize different product demonstrations, various presentations, free make-up sessions, etc. joint events with our business partners. Such events aim to increase the interest in the products and in particular to your beauty shop or beauty salon. For further information, please, contact our sales department.

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