ARTDECO – the market leader in Germany’s selective marketARTDECO – the market leader in Germany’s selective market

The ARTDECO cosmetic brand was launched in 1985 in Germany by Helmut Baurecht. His aim was to position the brand mainly in beauty salons. An year was enough for ARTDECO to establish itself on the market, not only as a brand used by professionals, but also as a brand targeted at the end consumer.

By 1997, the ARTDECO mania had already conquered the whole world. The products were sold in more than 40 countries. Both end consumers and leading German magazines have voted ARTDECO cosmetic products to win numerous awards in various product categories. “Smart consumers” is the target group that ARTDECO aims at. “Smart consumers” who want to get a top cosmetic product at a reasonable price.

There are several secrets behind the success of ARTDECO becoming the most popular makeup brand in Germany and other countries. First, there are the high quality basic products in the latest colours for each season. The heart of the ARTDECO concept is the mosaic system and the refillable beauty boxes, which give the customers the opportunity to chose and change colours according to their individual needs. In addition, ARTDECO’s wide product range is completed by our special products that guarantee professional results. We are proud with products like the eye shadow basis, which is long lasting and water resistant; our lipstick retainer, which seals the lipstick; and last, but not least, our camouflage concealer, which covers and balances facial imperfections in a way that makes every skin look perfect. According to our mission statement to constantly introduce innovations to our products, ARTDECO presents, for the first time in Europe, the complete series of “Pure Minerals” – a new trend in make up which aims to reveal the woman’s natural beauty!

We can describe ARTDECO’s past and future in a few words: POLICY 100% IN FAVOUR OF OUR CUSTOMERS!